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Comprehensive Exams

Comprehensive Exams
Regular dental exams are necessary to maintain the best oral health possible.  The American Dental Association recommends that you visit your dentist at least two times per year for a comprehensive dental exam.  What does a comprehensive Dental Exam include?  At Oak Lane Family Dental, we will ask questions so that we understand your recent medical history to determine the best treatment options for your overall health.  We examine your mouth and decide whether or not you need x-rays.  Our exam includes the following:
  • Diagnostic digital x-rays to analyze the teeth and bone structure.
  • Periodontal screening for evidence of gum disease.
  • Analysis of bite problems and alignment or jaw issues.
  • Examination on each tooth to check for cavities, the condition of other dental works, evaluation of cracks or missing teeth.
  • Oral cancer screening by thorough exam of the tissues inside and surrounding your mouth.
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